The Northwest Montana Historical Society, a non-profit organization, operates the Museum at Central School for the benefit of the Flathead Valley community.  More than 60 volunteers, including a diverse and able board of directors, assist one full-time and five part-time staff to keep the Museum operating smoothly.



Northwest Montana Historical Society

Bringing Life to History & History to Our Lives

Executive Director: Gil Jordan

Office Manager/Membership/Volunteers:
Kimberly Pinter
        Room Rentals: Gerri Savory      
Membership: Laurie Happ     Acquisitions: Jim Atkinson     Maintenance: Boyd Holt     Accounting: Jan Woods

Board of Directors

President: Laurie Happ
Vice President: Sally Hash-Savage

Secretary: Jim Atkinson
Treasurer: Margaret LeKander

Board Members

Elaine Graber
Jim Hollensteiner
Ronald Hoye
  Sally Hash-Savage
Heidi Ostrom Duncan
Arne Boveng

Jane Renfrow
Duane Larson
Mark Hensley
Patrick Jentz
Linda Leslie Robbin
Alex Berry

Past President

Richard Siderius

Senior Advisory Directors

Cliff Collins
Ed Gilliland
Betty Jo Malone

Dorothy McGlenn
Rick Riley
Bob O’Neil

Honorary Directors

Governor Steve Bullock      Brian Schweitzer      Pam Carbonari