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Visit the SCHOOL BELL GIFT SHOP -- our inventory features Montana and locally made items. Stop by to see the updated selection of children's items and a new selection of vintage and Montana made jewelry. As always, we have a complete selection of Linderman and Montana history books as shown in the book list below.

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Books by Frank Bird Linderman
New Linderman books: 2004 & 2005 publication

Indian Why Stories: Sparks from War Eagle's Lodge-Fire, by Frank B. Linderman, introduction by Celeste River, originally published 1915, paperback edition 2001. ($?????)

The Montana Stories of Frank B. Linderman: the Authorized Edition, printed 1997. ($????) Originaly published in 1920 as On a Passing Frontier: Sketches from the Northwest.

Indian Old-Man Stories: More Sparks from War Eagle's Lodge Fire, by Frank B. Linderman, introduction by Celeste River, originally published 1920, paperback 1996. ($12.95)

Henry Plummer, a Novel, by Frank Bird Linderman, 2000, ($16.95) In 1920 Linderman completed a novel about Plummer's life, but it was rejected by publisher after publisher. They felt that it showed too much fidelity to historical truth for a public increasingly enamored of western dime novels. Eighty years later, Linderman's lively interpretations of one of Montana's most enduring legends was published for the first time.

Kootenai Why Stories: The Authorized Edition by Frank B. Linderman, introduction by Celeste River, 1926 with paperback edition 1997. ($9.95)
Plenty-Coups Chief of the Crows, by Frank B. Linderman, with a new previously unpublished essay by the author, introduction by Barney Old Coyote, Jr. and Phenocia Bauerle, originally published 1930, new edition 2002. ($16.95)

Old man Coyote: The Authorized Edition, by Frank B. Linderman, 1931, paperback 1996. ($11.95)

Pretty-shield: Medicine Woman of the Crows, by Frank B. Linderman, preface by Alma Snell & Becky Matthews, originally published 1932, paperback 2003. ($14.95)

Quartzville, by Frank Bird Linderman, edited by Larry Barsness, published 1985. ($9.95)

Recollections of Charley Russell, by Frank Bird Linderman, edited by H.G. Merriam, with drawings by Charley Russell, first paperback printing 1988. ($17.95)

Wolf and the Winds, by Frank Bird Linderman, introduction by Sarah Waller Hatfield, n.d. ($14.95)

Books about the Flathead Country

Follow the Fish to Camp Tuffit, by Sylvia Murphy, 1998. ($5.00)

A Guide to Historic Kalispell, by Kathryn L. McKay, 2001. ($9.95) Volume 5 of the Montana Mainstreets Series, Montana Historical Society Press

Looking Back: a Pictorial History of the Flathead Valley, Montana, by Kathryn L. McKay. 1997. ($27.00) A Northwest Montana Historical Society Publication

Memoirs of One Lifetime and Gatiss Gardens, by Robert H. Gatiss, 1993. ($18.00)
Men Do Your Duty, by Carle F. O'Neil, 2001. ($13.00) Memories of Flathead National Guardsmen from their Pacific Campaigns of World War II

Souvenirs from Northwest Montana, 1993. ($14.95) A feast of local color and home-cooking

Two Men of Demersville by Carle F. O'Neil, ???. ($6.95) Sketches of Telesphore Jacques DeMers, the town's founder, and John E. Clifford, Demersville's only mayor.

Books about Glacier National Park

Best Easy Day Hikes: Glacier & Waterton Lakes, by Erik Molvar, 1998. ($6.95) A Falcon Guide

Glacier National Park: including the Flathead Valley and Waterton Lakes National Park, 2001. ($16.95) an Insiders' Guide
Glacier's Secrets: Beyond the Roads and Above the Clouds, by George Ostrom with the Over-the-Hill-Gang, 1997. ($15.95)

Glacier's Secrets: Goat Trails and Grizzly Tales, by George Ostrom with the Over-the-Hill Gang, 2000. ($22.95)

Books about Lewis & Clark, Native Americans, Pioneers

The Dog Who Helped Explore America, by R.W. "Rib" Gustafson, 1998. ($9.95) You participate in the Lewis and Clark Expedition through through the joyful exuberance of Seaman, Capt. Lewis' Newfoundland Retriever

Lewis & Clark Exploration of Central Montana, by Ella Mae Howard, 1993. ($9.95) Marias River to the Gates of the Mountains

Traveling the Lewis & Clark Trail, by Julie Fanselow, 2nd edition, 2000. ($15.95)

Men with Sand: Great Explorers of the North American West, by John Moring, 1998. ($10.95)

Voyages of Discovery: Essays on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, edited by James P. Ronda, 1998. ($19.95)

Lewis and Clark Among the Grizzlies, by Paul Schullery, 2002. ($14.95)
They call me Sacagawea, by Joyce Badgley Hunsaker, 2003. ($9.95)

Owl's Eyes & Seeking a Spirit: Kootenai Indian Stories. ($6.00) Children's Stories

The Lewis & Clark Expedition, by Sanna Porte Kiesling, 1990. ($7.95) Children's Stories, age 8+

West with Lewis & Clark: the Story of the Corps of Discovery, by William E. & Jan C. Hill, 2000. ($3.95) An activity book for children

Grandmother's Grandchild: My Crow Indian Life, by Alma Hogan Snell, edited by Becky Matthews, 2000. ($?????)

Toward the Setting Sun: Pioneer Girls Traveling the Overland Trails, by Mary Barmeyer O'Brien, 1999. ($8.95)

Into the Western Winds: Pioneer Boys Traveling the Overland Trails, by Mary Barmeyer O'Brien, 2003. ($9.95)

Books about Montana

Where the Green Grass Grows, by Jean Jackson Wakefield, 1998. ($18.00) Pleasant Valley and Lost Prairie, Montana, 1880-1946

He Led Us through Paradise, by L.A. Schrock, Jr., 2001. ($12.00) A story of early Montana

Montana's State Capitol, the People's House, by Kirby Lambert, Patricia M. Burnham, and Susan R. Near, 2002. ($19.95)

Montana on My Mind, photography by Michael S. Sample and Larry Mayer, 1987. (???)

Montana Century, edited by Michael P. Malone, 1999. ($ ???)

Scenic Driving Montana, by S.A. Snyder, 1995. ($14.95) A Falcon Guide

Four-Legged Legends of Montana, by Gayle C. Shirley, 1993. ($7.95)

It Happened in Montana, by James A. Crutchfield, 1992. ($9.95)

Outlaw Tales of Montana, by Gary A. Wilson, 1995. ($17.95)

Montana's Historical Highway Markers, compiled by Glenda Clay Bradshaw from Original text by Robert H. Fletcher, 1999 edition. ($10.95)

Montana Campfire Tales, by Dave Walter, 1997. ($16.95) Fourteen historical narratives

A Traveler's Companion to Montana History, by Carroll Van West, 1986. ($12.95)

Montana The Last Best Place, n.d. ($32.95)

Montana History Weekends, by Dave Conklin, 2002. ($15.95) 52 adventures in history
The Vigilantes of Montana, Thomas J. Dimsdale, 2003. ($12.95)

Montana Off the Beaten Path: a Guide to Unique Places, Michael McCoy, 4th edition, 2001. ($12.95)

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Montana History, edited by Dave Walter, 2000. ($14.95)

Scotch Highlanders, Indian Peoples: Thirty Generations of a Montana Family, James Hunter, 1996. ($18.95)

Charlie's Trail: The Life and Art of C.M. Russell, by Gayle C. Shirley, 1996. ($10.95)

More than Petticoats: Remarkable Montana Women, by Gayle C. Shirley, 1995. ($12.95)

Montana Wildflowers: a Beginner's Field Guide to the State's Most Common Flowers. ($6.95)

Montana Wildlife: a Beginner's Field Guide to the State's Most Remarkable Animals. ($7.95)

Montana Native Plants and Early Peoples, by Jeff Hart, 1976, reprinted 1996. ($9.95)

Bright Star in the Big Sky, by Mary Barmeyer O'Brien, 1995. ($7.95) The story of Jeannette Rankin, 1880-1973

Montana Dateline, by Ellis Roberts Parry, 2001. ($14.95) Enjoy Montana's history day by day

Sisters Three of Montana, by Helen Shenefelt DeLong, 1998. ($14.95) autobiography

The Montana Cookbook, 1990. ($22.95)

An Ornery Bunch : Tales and Anecdotes Collected by the WPA Montana Writers Project, 1935-1942, published 1999. ($14.95)

Miscellaneous Books

Honor Our Flag, by David Singleton, 2002. ($5.95) How to care for, fly, and otherwise respect the Stars and Stripes

The Only Good Bear is a Dead Bear, by Jeanette Prodgers, 1986. ($9.95) A collection of the West's best bear stories

The Rocky Mountain Berry Book, by Bob Krumm, 1991. ($12.95) Combines the information of a field guide and the fun of a cookbook

Funny Trail Tales, edited by Amy Kelley, 2000. ($7.95) Falcon's Take Along series

Inspired by Nature, edited by Amy Kelley, 2000. ($7.95) Falcon's Take Along series
The Elk Hunter's Cookbook, 1994. ($19.95) A collection of favorite recipes from members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Ranchin' Is ..., by Mike Logan, 2000. ($13.95) Ranch life in verse and photography

Harshbarger Reunion Cookbook, 2002. ($14.95)

Milo's Winter Adventure, by Gina Bondurant, 2000. ($5.00) Children's book

Cowboy Cookbook, ????. ($16.95) Recipes from 24 states and 8 countries
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