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Exhibit   Duration Gallery  
Indians of Montana   Ongoing Northwest (1st Floor NW)
Frank Bird Linderman   Permanent Linderman (1st Floor SW)
Early Residents Honor Roll   Permanent Glacier (1st Floor NE)
Hall of History   Permanent Hall (2nd Floor)
Flathead Valley History   Permanent 2nd Floor NW  
Sand Monkeys, Tie Hacks & River Pigs   Permanent Timber (2nd Floor SW)
A.L.E.R.T.   Permanent Timber (2nd Floor SW)
Demersville   Permanent HSH Hall (2nd Floor SE)

Hall of History
Second Floor

A photo exhibition of men and women who were instrumental in making Montana such a great state, including all of its Governors to date.

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Flathead Valley History
2nd Floor NW

The earliest human inhabitants of the Flathead Valley were the native peoples who ventured here on foot and by canoe around 10,000 years ago when the glaciers receded.

The early Indian trails naturally followed the valleys, rivers and mountain passes that later became the wagon roads, railroads and finally highways that brought later settlers to the valley. The History of Flathead Valley exhibition tells the story of how we got here and why we stayed. Vignettes of early homesteading families, the communities they established, and the various means of transportation they used are covered in the exhibition.

Early Homesteaders

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Timber Gallery
2nd Floor SW

A.L.E.R.T. -- Advanced Life Support And Emergency Rescue Team was the second hospital-based air ambulance service established in 1975, and the first to be established in a rural area. Loggers like Clyde Smith, in cooperation with local medical professionals, started the ALERT Program in 1975 which was rural America's first hospital based air ambulance service. Smith went on to help start the Montana Logging Association which now serves as a legislative advocate for the industry and provides safety training to our workers in the woods.

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Hollensteiner-Stahl Hall (HSH)
2nd Floor SE

Demersville -- A display of photos and text bring to life the boom and bust history of the turn-of-the century community of Demersville. From 1887 to 1891 the fledgling town grew at the north end of Flathead Lake, anticipating the arrival of the railroad that never came. Our display chronicles Demersville downtown and historic buildings, the Cliff House Hotel, the early lake steamboats, the military post and the Buffalo Soldiers, and Demersville pioneers and personalities.

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